Membership recruitment and retention is key for the survival of any Rotary Club since human resource is at the heart of execution of any Rotary Programme or Activity. For this reason, recruitment of members has been instrumental in the journey to a fully fledged club for the Rotary Club of Sonde.

Since its inception as a Club In Formation in July 2020, the Rotary Club of Sonde has to-date One Hundred and Thirty-Five (135) Members. In
addition, the club has Twenty-One (21) Paul Harris Fellows. Given the physical meeting location of the club is Sonde which is a residential area, the meeting time and day of Sunday 3-4pm has been convenient for many prospects who reside in this vicinity. Nevertheless, the club is privileged to have members from over thirty-six (36) locations within and outside Uganda with members stretching from as far as the US, UK, Kuwait and UAE. In addition, the club enjoys diversity in the age of members with a blend of youth, middle aged and senior citizens.

Furthermore, the club enjoys a wide range of classification and currently has 52 different classifications.
The advancement of online meeting tools such as zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic has ensured that meetings and interactions with members has happened from the comfort of their homes and workstations. However, this has limited social interaction among members which we hope in the near future will be addresses when the pandemic ceases. Nonetheless, the introduction of Buddy Groups has helped bridge this gap by creating smaller groups that have eased communication and encouraged interactions. The Club Currently has twelve (12) buddy groups with an average of eleven (11) members each.