RTN. Catherine Barasa Asekenye

“RC Sonde is a Club of people who share values and want to act for a better world. Our Club has connected us to people we would never have met.

On February 16th, 2019, I started my Rotary journey at the Rotary Club of Bukoto where I was inducted and pinned as a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) by Past District Governor Xavier Sentamu.

When I moved to Sonde in 2019, I thought it was an opportunity to support the establishment of a new Rotary Club. My inspiration was Paul Harris’ compelling reason to form Rotary as a young lawyer in a new city- Chicago.

During a farewell lunch meeting for Past President Rotarian (Rtn) Gloria Katuku at PIATO Restaurant in Nakasero, I requested President Mercy Kainobwisho to support me in starting a Rotary Club in Sonde. This was after I had proposed the same idea to three community members in Sonde who had warmly welcomed the idea. One of them, prospect Emma Ocheno had previously expressed how difficult it had been to connect the community for years.

At the farewell lunch, President Mercy Kainobwisho offered me a strategic seat next to District Governor Nominee (DGN) Dr. Mike Kennedy Sebalu, to whom I sold the idea of forming Rotary Club of Sonde. To my delight, DGN Mike welcomed the idea and offered his support 100 percent. Together with his wife Margaret Sebalu, the Past President of Rotary Club of Nateete, DGN Mike made his maiden visit to Sonde Community the following weekend to launch the club.

My drive to champion Rotary Club of Sonde is linked to the role Rotary plays in connecting communities and bringing networks of professionals and businesspersons together to serve.

Since July 12th, 2020, Rotary Club of Sonde has grown from 03 committed members to 125 interested community members and friends who are eager to learn more about Rotary. Our goal is 100 Charter Members by Charter day was achieved.

I am proud of the diversity within RC Sonde, especially the varied professions and businesses represented, excellent youth representation,

a balanced male to female ration including the super committed members living outside the Club location in Kuwait, Canada, England and Tanzania.

The RC Sonde has brought together true and dedicated friends, relatives, spouses, former schoolmates, workmates, neighbors and more. Our Club is of people who share values and want to act for a better world. Our Club has connected us to people we would never have met. We have agreed to come together to change lives in communities and around the world but also to have FUN, connect our families, celebrate achievements together, keep fit and healthy; and support each other. We have a Club Family Telephone Tree that connects over 100 of us in less than 30 minutes! There couldn’t have been better innovation than this in the Covid-19 situation.

Following the wise counsel of Rtn “Tusu” (Francis Tusuubira) our friend, to start small projects as we learn and not wait too long to get started, we rolled up our sleeves. We have accomplished a lot together. We contributed to the success of first ever commemoration of World Polio Day 2020 in Goma Health Centre III, Mukono District reaching over 300 families and supporting the 6 Health workers to accomplish their tasks well. We spent Christmas 2020 with the vulnerable and needy community in our neighborhood Kiwanga – Seeta with the Daughters of Charity Home of People with Disabilities educating them on the Covid-19 SoPs, sharing light moments and gifts.

Our effort has enabled each one of us to connect to people who need our help. We have left a smile on many faces where there was little or no hope. We will continue to contribute to changing lives and restoring hope and dignity in the many communities that need us.