Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) Program

Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) Program

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Club of Sonde launched its Fitness and Nutrition program on December 20th, 2020. The President, Bukoto Ms. Mercy Kainobwisho launched the Fitness and Nutrition program. She challenged everyone to endeavor to stay fit and healthy as a way of life. She applauded the Rotary Club Sonde for growing beyond expectations. “As a mother Club, Bukoto is so proud of your journey and the great strides you have made within this very short time,” she said. She appreciated the Team Leader for driving this success.

After the launch, members undertook a number of physical exercises directed by Mr. Derrick Isingoma, a certified fitness, performance and CrossFit coach who highlighted the relationship between good health, healthy eating and regular exercise.

He mentioned that to keep healthy, one needs to eat healthy foods including lots of vegetables, fruits, white meats and a measured in-take of carbohydrates. “Calories become bad when we do not burn the calories we take in,” he said. He shared his commitment to support the Club by taking members through exercise routines.

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