Mission Green

Mission Green

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The Launch of Mission Green

Rotary Club of Sonde launched its Mission Green program on March 8th, 2021 at St. Andrew’s Chuh of Uganda Primary School in Misindye under the theme, ‘Partnering with communities and institutions for Mission Green’.

Given the prevailing and increasing environmental concerns worldwide, Rotary International recognized environmental protection as a 7th area of focus to draw collective actions to secure the future of our mother ‘Earth’.

To respond to this cause, the Rotary Club of Sonde responded to this call by collaborating with the community and institutions to promote Agro- forestry as one of the strategies for Mission Green.

Under Mission Green, RC Sonde is collaborating with institutions such as churches, health centers and schools to plant about 500 fruit tree seedlings. The tree seedlings include avocados, soursop, guava and eucalyptus.

“There are monetary gains and other benefits associated with agro-forestry including capital gain. Growing trees alongside crops improves the value of natural capital, income through sale of goods/services including carbon credits. Agro-forestry also provides income for communities, safeguards and guarantees food security, offsets climate impacts and provides valuable ecosystem services,” says Rtn. Betty Ndawula.

DGN Mike Kennedy Sebalu was the Guest of Honor and he was joined by his wife Rtn. Maggie Sebalu and Rtn. George Fredrick Kagimu, the Mayor of Mukono.

Speaking at the launch, Rtn. Catherine Barasa, the Charter President Designate (DGN) highlighted  Sonde’s association to nature as seen through the naming of its buddy groups. She also highlighted the need to address the Climate Change and how through Mission Green, this will be realized. She equated the role of women to the nurturing nature of trees including providing food, shade and shelter for both humans and animals.

She appreciated Betty Ndawula and Rtn Paul Sigombe for spearheading the launch of Mission Green. She thanked them for using their classifications to share knowledge on agro-forestry and educating the pupils with such patience and through dialogue. She appreciated Paul Sigombe, an agro-forestry farmer, agricultural consultant for donating a Hass avocado seedlings to all the Charter members of RC Sonde. She thanked everyone present for participating in the eventful launch of Mission Green.

She thanked St Andrew’s COU Primary School for welcoming and partnering with RC Sonde to green the school’s compound. Mr. Meshach Mutesasira, the Head Teacher appreciated RC Sonde for choosing their school for such a collaboration. “This is the first Rotary Club being hosted by the school. We are honored to be considered as partners. As a community, we hope to enjoy working with you. We pledge to assign each tree to a pupil or class to look after it,” said Mr. Mutesasira.

Rtn Kagimu was in awe of the efforts of  Sonde. He shared his plans of planting trees alongside the roads in Mukono.

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