Zombo Project

Zombo Project

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Zombo district is one of the districts in the northern re­gion of Uganda. It is bor­dered by Arua city to the north, Nebbi district to the east, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south and west. It is approximately 382 kilometres by road from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

In 2014, the population of Zom­bo was estimated at 240,368 by the national population census. Recently, Zombo district report­ed that 70% of its population was affected by scabies. 70% implies a total of 168,258 people affected. Key district officials indicate that this number will increase due to the lack of awareness, medica­tion and management of scabies.

For this reason, Gospel Cross In­ternational in partnership with the Rotary club of Sonde  through Jennifer Aciko Okello, carried out a medical outreach to Zombo.

The mission focussed on creating awareness and treatment of sca­bies and other health issues pre­sented by the community during the outreach. The outreach also focussed on primary health edu­cation and evangelism.

“We planned to carry out four medical clinics to provide free medicines namely Benzathene Benzoate to a total of 1,000 peo­ple and also provide treatment for other communicable diseases like cough, diarrhoea, malaria to at-least 500 people. The team also planned to distribute cloth­ing items to affected children,” said Jennifer Aciko.

Prior to the mission, a number of coordination and mobilisation activities were carried out name­ly;

Planning meetings were held with community leaders and the District Health Office to map out areas to be covered. Two sub counties were identified as most affected.

Courtesy calls were made to the District leaders including the District Health Officer, Chief Administrative Officer and the Resident District Commissioner of Zombo. The team received over whelming support and se­curity during the outreach period from the mentioned offices.

Mobilization of the commu­nity members was done by the District Health Office through radio announcements, radio talk shows, announcements in chuhes, mosques and other health campaigns.


The outreach to Zombo achieved the following;

l 3 out of 04 medical clinics were carried out in Kango, Adi­adwol and Abanga sub counties.

l A total of 800 people received treatment for scabies and 200 people received treatment for other diseases like cough, diar­rhoea, and worms.

l Clothing and books were dis­tributed to 40 children of 5 years

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